Within months of formation, the She Leopards (Leopardess) are high up on cloud nine after becoming the first rugby side from Westnile to participate in a national event at Kyadondo Rugby club.

The region might have boasted of Adigasi Ronald, Wadia Victor, Asiku Denis, Michael Wokorach,Joel Anguyo,Samiya Ayikoru, Saudah Adiru, Aziku Robert and many others that have featured for various clubs in the central, what the Leopardess have done as a team has never been experienced before.

After a successful northern Uganda circuit in September and last month, the Leopardess have never looked back and a maiden appearance in the Uganda Women’s Rugby National 7s was a timely testament.

Being a first time experience was always going to dictate on results negatively as the 10-0 and 12-5 losses to Mbale Eagles and Blue Whales confirmed that but how about the 12-7 win and 12-12 draw against Black Diamonds and Spire Lions respectively?

The 42-0 routing of Western Franchise not only deserves a special mention but a paragraph of its own.

Despite the fact that the achievements came through so many challenges, team coach and manager Asiku Denis was unhappy and had this to say when contacted by;

“Am much aware that we played bare feet due to logistical reasons but our performances were not as we had planned. We had prepared the girls well with the most important basics to participate in such a prestigious tournament”

RUGBY MAD: A section of the fans cheering the Leopardess up at Kyadondo Rugby Club during the National Womens’ 7s.


Amidst all the display from the Arua side that wowed the rugby fans at Kyadondo, Asiku Denis was still skeptical that;

“We should not also forget that it was a first outing for the girls from northern Uganda and playing at the famous Kyadondo rugby club also frightened them a little bit ”.

He added as;

“The team made some good runs but the girls kicked a lot and that worked against us in losing some of the games but am sure we will get back better and stronger”.

In all, the team boasts of a pleasant try list of Onyiru Olive (8), Onzia Sharon (3), Faridah Hassan (2), Winnie Bako (1) and Faith Marlen(1) that aggregated to 15.

Olive Onyiru, a senior two student of St. Mary’s Ediofe Girls SS in Arua, who earned herself the most promising player in the northern regional circuits recently walked home with the MVP gong for the tournament that attracted 10 teams from across the country drawn in 2 tiers, A and B.

From an evidently remote location in rugby senses, the team from Westnile has been voluntarily boosted by the coaching staff of Mr. Gregory, Asiku Denis and Elipili Emmanuel as well as Okello Julius and Saidi Oyo as team physio and strength and conditioning coach respectively.


  1. This is absolutely awesome!
    I have always known Kongie for such detailed, comprehensive and eye-catching analysis.
    We call upon financially able men and women of West Nile to come to the support of these promising young men and women so that the flag of West Nile can be flown very high up in the sky.

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