In all regards, when all preparations for a joyous event are surpassed by a force majeure, the word sombre becomes literally useful to the feelings of the ones with huge expectations about the event.

Why would my locked up mind during this lockdown refer me to that?

After planning, ranging and teeing all evenings and weekends in preparation for the Westnile Golf Open, Covid-19 becomes the pro to take all honors home.

Much to the disguise of the golfers, the Uganda Golf Union recognized Westnile Open had attracted participants from all over the country with a tentative budget of Ugandan Shillings 10,000,000 (Ten Million) for the professionals and much more in terms of goodies such as flat Screen Tvs, fridges, golf kits, trophies and many more to the amateurs.

Since the last time Westnile Golf hosted and won the Uganda Open Tour in 2019, nothing more tangible than that has taken place on the course in Arua as postponements have been consistent due to the Covid-19 pandemic and this was not received well by the captain, Mr. Atiku Wood Opika who had this to say when contacted by ;

 “We are so disappointed by the postponement of the Open and how the pandemic has derailed the activities of the game in Westnile and Uganda as a whole”.

He added;

“We have not had a tangible competition since the 2019 Uganda Open Tour that we won and it is not so good that we cannot express ourselves golf wise to the country anymore because we wanted to confirm that we did not win the Uganda Tour Open by mistake”.

The club boasts of promising talent that are almost making it pro but due to the pandemic, the likes of Boyi Yasin, Toko Moshi Abubakar, Alemiga Hussein, Siraji Onzima as well as Ismail Dalfodio who hold the least handicaps have not had the time and space to express themselves on the course adequately.

Westnile Golf Club’s Alemiga Hussein(standing 3rd from right) in a pose with the national golf team at Uganda Golf club, Kitante.

It should also be remembered that Westnile Golf Club also failed to host the Francis Ayume Memorial last year due to the same reason.

About the prospects of the Open teeing off soon, positive developments in regard to the pandemic in the next six (6) weeks will be the only judge.

This year’s Westnile Golf Open which was scheduled for 10th-12th of June had attracted sponsors such as Joadah Consults, BRAC Bank, Radio Pacis, JIMAD Media, Arua One fm, Nile fm, Capital One, K9 among others.

Despite the pandemic reigning over all events, Westnile Golf Club is the reigning champion of the Uganda Open Tour, at least for now until……………………

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