Growth of a City can be measured through availability of social amenities. Arua City is no exception to that growth metric. New Boxing Club. Alas now New Rugby Club in the names of Nile Leopards Rugby Club.

Rugby being a new sport in the region has not attracted much attention but due to the resilience of individuals like Asiku Denis a former, Gulu University Titans Rugby team and Gulu Elephants Rugby Club player and with support from Rugby Tackling life Uganda. The Sport has started to pick up through schools and the formation Nile Leopards Rugby Club whose players are actually the graduates from these school rugby teams.

Asiku during school visits

Nile Leopards Rugby Club has both the Mens team who train from Arua public primary school football ground and the ladies team that trains from Niva Primary School grounds.

What seems to be clear is that, this sport will give an alternative to the football crazy westnilers, as it is also a sport which creates fun moments and partying. Typical of westnile attributes.

Nile Leopards Rugby Club seems to be the first ever Rugby Club from West Nile. Though history may judge this wrongly, but

Nile Leopards Rugby Club has been invited for their first ever tournament after the formation of the club. The Uganda Rugby Union 2021 Regional Rugby Tournament scheduled in Lira, Gulu and Kitgum on 1ith September, 25th September and 2nd October respectively will give the team a test of their preparations and also acts as an exposure to their team of young players.

The tournament in Lira will be played in Lango collage grounds..

Asiku Denis(far left) with female Rugby players

The Rugby fraternity should watchout for more talent from westnile.The region has already established names in the sport like Aaron ofoyrwoth,Aziku Robert, the wokorach Brothers Phillip and Micheal, for men’s National team while female the has Samiya Ayikoru,Emily Lekuru, Peace Lekuru and Charity Atimango


  1. Thank you Mr.Asiku for the braveness in spear heading of this sports discipline in this region and Arua City in particular.I pledge support to this sports discipline as it is the mandent of the City to see the growth of sports in general.

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