Fufa disciplinary committee delivered it’s verdict on the abodoned game between Onduparaka and KCCA fc on 27th Dec due to crowd violence. Westnile sports brings you the winners and losers from the decision.


Onduparaka have got the better from this decision instead of being docked 3 points and 3 goals.the committee docks 2 points. And sanctions for a rematch.should Onduparaka win the game in the future, Onduparaka would gain one point.

Fans survive total stadium ban even though their was hooliganism and gross misconduct from the fans.

Fufa is trying to show that they cleaning the house by giving strong punishments to those their findings implicate.

KCCA’s match fixing allegations not clearly captured in the ruling.The committee was silent on that.

Fufa match Commissioner is not mentioned anywhere in the report.He was one of the contributing factors to this abandoned match. He comes out clean


Fifa Badge Holder Mandada is suspended for six month from sporting activities due poor officiation. Was the biggest loser from the ruling.

Rashid Okocha gets himself in the wrong books from the match report which implicates him for attacking a referee. He serve half season without playing and one million fine.

Fufa has exposed themselves by going to the public court.secondly FUFA seems not have seriously taken match fixing allegations.Now with new allegations coming through. FUFA seems to suggest the Ethics committee investigate the allegations without time limits.

KCCA’ s hopes for maximum points is thrown in the air. They will need to work hard for the three points in a neutral venue. They should also hope the investigation about vandalism of their bus favours them.

Onduparaka CEO gets banned from sporting activities for 90 days for inciting fans.

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