February 2006 gave us a better relationship in between a football pitch and a potato pitch.

In his own words, by then Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho downplayed Barcelona’s claims that Stamford Bridge was more related to a potato pitch than a football pitch ahead of their Champion’s League game in London. Of course knew they were better ball players than Chelsea Fc.

That same feeling has gripped the management of Nyarilo football pitch of recent.

Bandala Alves, the coordinator for the works told that;

“I got joined up by 30 volunteers to utilize this period in order to give the playing field a much better look. We have received some support from well-wishers inform of cash and food items to support the boys working here”.

Works on going at Nyarilo Primary School Grounds in Koboko

The field is traditionally owned by Nyarilo primary school but is home to West Nile regional league sides Koboko Rising stars FC and Tipsha Fc and it also hosts fourth division side Koboko Boys Fc.

Of the three teams that use this field, it is Koboko Rising Stars Fc that has supported us during the works and we therefore appeal for more support to change the shape of the busiest field in Koboko”.

Ade Fredrick Isaac, the District Sports Officer who has joined the youth in the works confirmed the engagement of the district council amid the COVID-19 challenge.

Following the premature ending of the regional league and with the start of the new season not yet on table, this could be the right timing for the pitch to turn green as all sports activities are in limbo.

Our prayers are that the coming rains help in the rapid growth of the green grass such that the pitch is naturally ready for the start of the 2020/2021 campaign which usually kicks off by late August.

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