Whether to sell or not to sell shares could be one of the ideas going in the heads of club owners of West Nile clubs inorder to improve their finances ahead of the forth coming season. The issue of shares has also been one over talked about by the fans of West Nile darling club Onduparaka FC and the latest fan to add his voice on this topic is Engineer Jaffer Aita Joel of Joadah Consultants Limited, an engineering company overseeing the construction of Arua Hill Stadium, in Arua district.

While responding on the question of what West Nile clubs can do to improve their infrastructure, Mr. Aita was quick to point that the most important thing clubs need to do is to obtain a stable source of revenue that would allow them venture into having better structures. On how clubs can raise this income was where the brain behind the construction of Arua’s estimated 20,000 seater stadium pointed among other avenues the issue of selling shares to willing stake holders and fans inorder to boost the revenue.

“Clubs should first look at the financial costs of having a stadium, they should find ways of generating revenues outside the box, sell shares at the time when the club is doing well because at such a time everybody wants to associate with the club; even if at 10,000 /-, these small shares could go a long way in the future”, Mr. Aita is quoted as saying.

When pinned further by the host on whether he would buy shares in any clubs in West Nile, the soft spoken engineer was quick to acknowledge that he would do so once they availed.

“I am a supporter of Onduparaka FC and Mvara Boys, I would buy shares in these clubs not because I want profits but because I love these clubs and I am ready to buy the shares when they offer”.

He however challenged the fans of these clubs to understand their positions in the clubs and stop making decisions for them;

“Even if you have shares in the club, it doesn’t mean you own everything and you can’t decide for the club; leave the management to make decisions that are beneficial for the club”.

Mr. Aita made these remarks while discussing the topic, “Sports Infrastructural Development In the West Nile Region” on West Nile TV during the online platform’s live Sunday show dubbed “Sunday Special Edition”.

Eng Aita With Some members of the Westnile Tv

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