Close to a fortnight ago, published an article about non-fulfillment of an agreement involving Arua Hill Sc (formerly Doves All Stars fc) and Oli Rising Soccer Academy about transfer of a pair of football players from the latter to the former in 2019 and that post resulted into a lot of rants from the perfect heads.

The founder and chairman of Oli Rising Soccer Academy, Erejo Al Mahad went wild about a breach of agreement in between the two (2) clubs and had threatened to move the matter to FUFA and, subsequently, to the courts of law if the football governing body failed to handle the matter.

For starters, prior to the takeover of Doves All Stars fc by Arua Hill last year, Doves All Stars had entered into an agreement with 4th division club Oli Rising Soccer Academy on 19th September 2019 to acquire the services of players Kawawa “Olu” Rashid and Ajiga Hamadin and this was well signed and documented by all parties involved.

Kawawa Rashid (right) celebrates a goal with Ceasor Samson Okhuti during last season’s big league campaign. Rashid’s services will be paramount for Arua Hill Sc in the coming Uganda premier season. (Photo: Arua Hill Sc media)

By takeover date, Arua Hill Sc acquired all assets and liabilities of Doves All Stars fc.

Part of the agreement as obtained by this website highlights that;

Oli Rising Soccer Academy engages Rashid Kawawa and Ajiga Hamadin on full transfer and the players hereby accept the transfer.

In any case, if the players shall be transferred to another club other than Oli Rising Soccer Academy, a 35% of the total transfer dues shall be given to the mother club, Oli Rising Soccer Academy.

Additionally, the agreement also stated that the under listed were supposed to be fulfilled;

Ugandan shillings 1,500,000 (One million five hundred thousand only).

Ten (10) tubeless footballs.

A full set of football jerseys comprising of 25 pieces.

The third appreciation of Ugandan shillings 600,000 only and 3 tubeless balls shall be in the middle of the 2020/2021 season. 

Given the above, the parties also agreed on a payment plan which eventually failed and Erejo’s efforts to claim for what was truly agreed on went unattended to by Doves All Stars and later, Arua Hill Sc.

But in a new positive development, the pending obligations that did not get any attention in the last two (2) years have finally been fulfilled.

Of all that was agreed to be settled then, the following were fulfilled by Arua Hill Sc;

Ugandan shillings One million two hundred thousand (1,200,000) only was paid in cash to Erejo Al Mahad;

A full set of jerseys as agreed was handed over to Oli Rising Soccer Academy and lastly;

Five (5) new footballs were also handed over to Erejo.

Given that the agreement was drafted about the transfer of Oli Rising Soccer Academy duo of Kawawa “Olu” Rashid and goal keeper Ajiga Hamadain, the parties agreed that the former is a substantive employee of Arua Hill Sc as the latter returns to Oli Rising Soccer Academy effective settlement date of the obligations.

In a letter dated Tuesday, 27th July 2021 to the management of Arua Hill Sc, Erejo confirmed having received the assortment and also thanked the entity for a swift response to the matter which was on the brink of an unnecessary escalation.

With all the above, it is evidently clear that Arua Hill Sc will not be in front of any jury in any regard to Oli Rising Soccer Academy.

Oli Rising Soccer Academy ply their trade in the 4th division as Arua Hill Sc are getting set for a debut Uganda premier league season.

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