As the off season offers teams privileges to dispose of or acquire the players they do not deem or require necessary, it is always prudent to be on the right side of the road as the transactions take place in between clubs and players. That exhibits the required levels of integrity and professionalism.

In what most refer to as an uncouth manner towards transfer of a player, Arua Hill Sc has been caught in between a rock and a hard place over the signature of Calvary Fc’s Andama Junior.

According to the contract this website is privy to, Andama signed a one and half years contract on Monday, 11th January 2021 with the contract having taken effect from Thursday 11th February 2021 and its expiry on Thursday, 11th August 2022.

The document which was stamped and signed by Ariku Vincent on behalf of Calvary Fc as the club director and the player without an intermediary was received by FUFA Documents Registration section on 5th February 2021 as document number 0391 at the registry at FUFA House in Mengo.     

Given these circumstances, Andama Junior is still a Calvary Fc player unless when his contract has either expired, or he leaves by mutual consent in between the parties; or a decision by FUFA Judicial Bodies takes effect; or a tried and gross misconduct by the player occurs and finally, when a buy-out clause is executed.

In the case of the buy-out clause, Andama’s buy-out fee according to the contract is rated at Ugandan shillings 20,000,000 (Twenty Million) only.

So having not met any of the above procedures including the buy-out option, Arua Hill Sc did not have any moral authority to unveil the player and this did not touch the management of Calvary Fc on a soft spot.

Andama Junior pondering the next move during a big league home fixture at the Greenlight stadium last season. His transfer to Arua Hill Sc has hit a snag due to procedural issues.

The head of communications, DTMS and TNS at Calvary Fc, Paul Chandia in an open up to expressed his disappointment as;

“The player is yet contracted with us and we have not yet received any official offer from any club for his services. I think Andama was simply misguided by some unscrupulous persons to forge a move but it is very unfortunate on his side”.

He continued as;

“Arua Hill Sc also broke the rules on the online player transfer systems of DTMS and TNS by unveiling the player before the system was in possession of the said transfer details”.

According to the unveiling post on Arua Hill’s social media accounts, the player has agreed a four(4) year deal with the Leopards and that was followed by an unconfirmed report that the player was paid Ugandan shillings six million (6,000,000) only as sign on fee.

The comedy continued shortly after as Calvary Fc also refuted the “illegal transfer” of the player on their socials clearly stating that he is still contracted to the club.

In a related development to the same matter, Calvary Fc are reportedly in the process of filing a formal petition to FUFA about what the club describe as “player tapping” and if that is considered given the details of the contract, the player will be banned for two (2) years from any football related activities and Arua Hill Sc will not escape some financial fine/s.

So as we wait to see Andama Junior getting double licensed by FUFA in the coming season, poet Roger Babson, in one of his many write ups reminds us that;

“Property may be destroyed and money may lose its purchasing power; but, character, health, knowledge and good judgment will always be in demand under all conditions”.

Ever seen a player representing two (2) different clubs in the same season?

The answer to this question will be available on kickoff day of the upcoming premier league and big league seasons in which Andama Junior is set to represent the two (2) clubs.

For now, it is business unusual as usual……….…..

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