What the football public thought would be resolved before or during the weekend about the situation of the coaches of Arua Hill Sc did not transpire and failure by management to adhere has prompted Hussein Mbalangu and his team to start a petition process to the federation about their plight.

According to the team, having not received official communication from the club confirms that their grievances amount to nothing more of any importance and vowed never to get back to the club after the recruitment of Livingstone Mbabazi without their notice, something the club chairman and CEO failed to address when inquired about several times.

For starters, Arua Hill’s technical team of Hussein Mbalangu, Joseph Kiwanuka, Onama Bosco and Ivan Ntambi submitted a missive to the club chairman about their grievances on Friday with the aim of having a feedback which has passed to no avail to date.

Hussein Mbalangu (in orange t-shirt) and his team going through discussions about the petition at FUFA House, Mengo.

The trio, with exception of Onama Bosco but in the presence of their legal representative and manager went to FUFA House in Mengo to seek for guidance on the procedures that should be followed for a successful petition.

Key on their agenda in the petition process is the matter of compensation of the remaining period of their respective contracts. This is based on the various clauses attached to the contracts the team signed last year.

Of the three that went to FUFA in Mengo, apart from goal keeping coach Iven Ntambi who signed a three (3) year deal, Hussein Mbalangu and his assistant Joseph Kiwanuka both penned two (2) year deals each.

Given the signed contract, trend of remuneration and the exhausted period, the trio is petitioning the club through the federation for what is owed to them in regard to the remaining period since they cannot fulfill the contract in the presence of a new coach, that is, Livingstone Mbabazi.

So therefore, having a two (2) year contract with effect from 1st October 2020 means that the duo of Hussein Mbalangu and Joseph Kiwanuka has been paid for ten (10) months with an outstanding of fourteen (14) months as Ivan Ntambi’s three (3) year contract is still twenty six (26) months away.

Given the remaining period of their contracts, the total sum of money the club will part ways with trio in case of any success in the petition will be shillings fifty eight million four hundred thousand (58,400,000) only.

When contacted by about the state of affairs, the trio’s legal representative who preferred anonymity until when the petition is filed revealed that;

“Am hopeful that the petition will be ready by Wednesday and by the contracts at hand, there is not so much to debate about this matter”.

He continued that;

“My clients fulfilled their obligations for the period they were on duty until when their employer broke it by employing another party to execute what they were contracted to do without prior notice as the contract states. As we are in the process, I cannot reveal all that until when the document is ready and received by FUFA”.

The trio of Ivan Ntambi, Joseph Kiwanuka and Hussein Mbalangu on the FUFA compound engulfed in more consultations.

Hussein Mbalangu is a CAF A licensed coach who worked with the Somalia national team prior to his move to Arua Hill Fc.

Joseph Kiwanuka and Ivan Ntambi are both CAF B holders but with the former having studied several other coaching courses from Brazil, South Africa and some European countries. The pair joined Arua Hill Sc from Express Fc.

When a petition usually gets received by FUFA, a date is set for the hearing of the matter with all parties involved with the aim of a fairer and justified outcome. In some cases, it ends in a fair exchange of consideration to the aggrieved party when the content in question is beyond the level of any doubts.

(Theme Photo: Arua Hill Sc Media)

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