When  broke the news about Charles Livingstone Mbabazi’s appointment as Arua Hill Sc coach a few days ago, a lot of stones were thrown towards the website as the story was considered baseless by the always holy disciples of the club as well as a section of the management.

Now practical signs of that appointment are taking drastic steps in the club.

In a missive from the technical staff to the club chairman that the same website has seen, the coaches have expressed total disappointment over the manner in which the club has been run in the last few weeks.

In the write up that is privy to, the technical team led by head coach Hussein on behalf of assistant coach Joseph Kiwanuka, goal keeping coach Ivan Ntambi, first team trainer Omoni Robert as well as Onama Bosco complained about several issues but of more importance was the signing of Livingstone Mbabazi as head coach without their notice.

Hussein Mbalangu (in sky blue) flanked by former technical director Dudu Bosco (extreme left), club PRO Lematia Adams and Joseph Kiwanuka, the assistant coach during the launch of club activities at Heritage Courts Hotel in Arua last year. (Photo: Arua Hill Sc Media)

They continued that it is unprofessional for the management to appoint a head coach before parting ways with the current set and painfully still, without them knowing.

The other matter of context is the variances in the agreed levels of remunerations at the start of last season and the actuals that were being paid to the team to date.

As per the signed contracts, members of the technical team agreed on fixed figures in regard to monthly pay and settlement fees but apart from the latter, nothing similar to what was agreed has been paid to any of them in the last one year of their services.

The variances have therefore been an issue of contest which has not been sorted to date.

How and why this has prompted an issue with the technical team is the fact that according to Hussein Mbalangu’s letter, newly signed coach Livingstone Mbabazi is set to be paid settlement fee of shillings thirty five million (35,000,000) only and monthly salary of seven million (7,000,000) only plus various add-ons as the season progresses.

From reliable sources, none of the coaches practically earns a net pay of shillings two million (2,000,000) and above since they all signed their contracts last year.

Additionally, Mbalangu’s team also emphasized on the rough working conditions they encountered in regard to issues like squad imbalance, improper segregation of duties, interference with technical works by non- technical staff and dealing with integrity of some players.

Club chairman, Aita Joel (in maroon shirt) during one of the unveiling sessions in Arua last year. (Photo: Arua Hill Sc Media)

In more expression of their disappointments, some of the excerpts from the write up owned by Hussein Mbalangu read;

“Amidst all the rumors that were disseminated all over the media and sports fraternity concerning our future with the club that even prompted me to forward to you and my immediate boss the CEO for clarification, I was shocked that all those were refuted”.

In what already looks like will end up in Mbalangu’s technical team departing, he further inquired about the next step the club seeks to take in quotes as;

“By putting in consideration the offer you presented to me concerning my future, I am kindly requesting that the administration looks into our contracts for possible compensations and if where applicable any club promotion token according to the promise be granted. We shall gladly swallow our pride and sacrifice all that we used in laying this foundation because I understand this principal of success”.

Hussein Mbalangu continued as;

“We shall be grateful to leave the club with our heads held high and if our management team is willing to draft and deliver a positive PR statement concerning our situation, we shall always remember and cherish the special memories with the Kongolo family”.

It must be remembered that immediately after signing Livingstone Mbabazi, Hussein Mbalangu was issued with two (2) options to choose from, either that of a technical director or as an assistant to his successor as nothing was hinted on the futures of the rest of the technical team.

In the same missive, Mbalangu also thanked the club for having trusted him with the job as he and his colleagues are glad that they fulfilled the qualification ambitions of the club to the Uganda premier league.

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