The change in status from municipality to city has come in handy for Arua with many aspects, notwithstanding sports activities.

After several years of dormancy, boxing in this north western city has been revived with a high gear engaged already.

The revival process recently began with the election of the executive as top on agenda is participation at national events.

It should be remembered that the last time the residents of this city came closer to something like boxing was in 2004 when a bout took place at the Westnile golf grounds.

History wise, Arua Boxing Club made a name in 1992 when it hosted the Inter region boxing competitions and emerged victorious against Gulu Boxing Club in the presence of then Federation president, late Gen Francis Nyangweso at White Rhino hotel. That feat attracted invitation for national championships in Kampala.

The 1992 White Rhino Heroes: Extreme left is coach Kenyatta, Onzi Juma (standing 2nd from left) and the rest of the team that was triumphant in the Inter Regional competitions in Arua.

Notable boxers on that team which was coached by the late Kenyatta included; Debo “Kolo” Dennis (RIP), Onzi Juma, Mawa Nixion, Guma Lugogo, Mawa Dodos, Aliobe Joseph, Embata Ariano and others.

That great team started aging naturally so was the sport and the final nail to the decline was in 1999 when the club was forcefully evicted from their usually known home, Arua Social center.

Being an indoor game, the club lacked training space and equipment as the few prospective boxers scattered to various active clubs mainly in the central.

However, a new day of hope has come with a training home at the Youth Centre near Niva Primary school provided by Arua City and some financial sponsorship by Taban Amin, son to former Ugandan president Idd Amin Dada.

As of now, the club has been fully registered as a CBO as the same with Uganda Boxing Federation is on the positive side of progress and the new leadership has already shown signs that success is soon embracing the club.

Female boxer Rehema Sauda during one of the training sessions

During a one on one with, the chairman, Rashid Oshino revealed that;

“Am calling upon the world to come and witness the kind of talent we have in this region in line with boxing. I can assure the world that we have the next Olympians here”.

About how the club meets its bills, he openly stated that;

“We have received support from Amin Taban in various ways but boxing being a demanding sport, we still call upon the community and corporates to come to our rescue in any way possible”.

The club is in a drive to have a boxing tour stipulated to commence on 22nd August 2021 at Miri Adua falls in Maracha shortly followed by trips to Yumbe, Koboko and Madi Okollo.

Despite the many challenges encountered in the last three (3) decades, the region has had a tremendous representation to the world such as, Jackson Asiku who won a bronze medal for Uganda in the 1998 Commonwealth games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and of recent Iddi Batambuze, who has regularly been at national championships.

The Executive Members

Oshino Rashid-Chairperson

Ahmed Borini-Vice Chairperson

Okulega Muhammad-Technical Director

Atibuni Tabu-Secretary

Onzi Juma-Treasurer

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